"Just Grazing Around"        Photo by Kip Holm

Wayne’s own desire to create with his hands along with his interest in artistic sculpture come together though cold steel and the heat of a cutting torch. Each art piece is hand-cut with great care and attention to detail using an oxygen and acetylene cutting torch. Wayne comes from a lineage of artists which include his paternal grandfather, an Italian immigrant in 1906, whose accurate ability to mix inks and dyes essential to printmaking and painting was highly prized on the East Coast. Wayne’s mother was an aspiring oil painter who studied with other artists and was known as a self-taught motivator in her field. A sign of a true artisan is manifested in the numerous hand-cuts Wayne makes into the thick steel, as he paints with the torch - his paintbrush to the canvas of metal.

“I am honored to have been selected to this fine program” Wayne Rossi, Metal Artisan

Texas Original was created by the Texas Commission on the Arts to help preserve Texas’ unique arts and crafts heritage and was designed to achieve three primary goals:
• Promote original work by Texas’ artists
• Provide a method for buying/selling original Texas artwork and crafts
• Preserve traditional methods for creating hand-crafted work to ensure those methods are passed on to future generations.

For more information click here: http://www.arts.state.tx.us/txoriginal/

Together Wayne & his wife Kathy opened The Star House Bed and Breakfast and invite you to visit this unique independent guest house when visiting his studio and the Texas Hill Country.


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